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Interview: Dr. Eugenie Scott on Science, Religion and Creationism

Posted  February 7, 2013  by  Admininistrator

Today on Rational Hub, we have Dr. Eugenie Scott, Executive Director at NCSE, who was kind enough to give us an interview despite her busy schedule. One of the most popular critics of Creationism and advocates teaching of evolution in the public schools, she is also the author of various books, including Evolution vs. Creationism: […]

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Interview: Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy on Science, Religion and Politics

Posted  January 21, 2013  by  Admininistrator

Eminent Pakistani physicist and activist, Professor Hoodbhoy wages a lone battle for secularism, rationalism and skepticism in Pakistan. We are proud to have him here on Rational Hub.

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Wicked Monk

All teenagers need to rebel in order to grow up

Posted  December 17, 2012  by  Wicked Monk

When I came back home this evening , my elder daughter of 13 years showed me an argumentative essay she wrote for her English homework. Topic she was given was , “All teenagers need to rebel in order to grow up”. Needless to say i was stunned. This is how it goes in-her-words as it […]

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The Superstitious Naked Ape

Let’s bake a God!

Posted  December 11, 2012  by  John Zande

Let’s cook up a god, a capital “G” God. Seriously. Let’s bake one right here, right now, and let’s make our God one that’ll be disconcertingly hard not to believe in. It can’t be that challenging. Tens of thousands of gods have been glued together by people far stupider than me and the ingredients to build another […]

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Arif Ahmed

Interview: Arif Ahmed on Philosophy, Atheism and Religion

Posted  November 26, 2012  by  Admininistrator

People might know him mostly for his famous debate against William Lane Craig. We are extremely pleased to have Arif Ahmed, the brilliant British philosopher, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy at Cambridge University, and author here on Rational Hub.

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fear appeal


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is an actual word. It means, of all things, a fear of long words and was no doubt coined by a sadist with an eye for the whimsical but about as much sensitivity for the inflicted as a hammer...
by John Zande

stairway afterlife

Can We Please Have a Rational Conversation About Death Without All the Magical Bugaboos?

It’s coming to us all, there’s no avoiding it, and for far too long religion has occupied the high ground in any conversation concerning it. It’s death, and the balance of power swirling around this rather thorny subject ...
by John Zande

mayan joke

It’s the end of the world….. Again!

Unremarkably, the beginning of the end of the world did not hit the ground running at 6am on the 21st of May, 2011, and neither did it all start to unravel 153 days later on the 21st of October; two dates the Christian radio br...
by John Zande