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Ultra Pro Life- Ultra Anti Women!!!

It was announced just this last week that Mitt Romney would choose his potential VP. His choice selection came as no shock to those who know Romney’s ultra conservative style. Romney chose Paul Ryan, an ultra conservative...
by Rachel Johnson


Loving, losing, grieving as an Athiest.

The limit of time we have on this planet is short. It is merely a blink of the eye when you look at how long this universe and planet have existed. We come to this world strangers, and we leave it alone. What and who we are is ...
by Rachel Johnson


Beyond Repair: Are we raising socially damaged kids?

Since the first television was invented, we have been kindly putting our children in front of it. Thinking the programming will give them an eye on the world. Since then mindless programing has become the normal, but the blame ...
by Rachel Johnson



Sex and Lies: Why do we?

A recent event sparked my fire. Being one of the most liberal people, who can see a point of view on anything, while still holding to my own personal morals, I can take anything, almost. When it comes to relationships, which do...
by Rachel Johnson


The Muslim Brotherhood: A Chokehold On Egypt

Egypt, once known as the land of the Pharaohs, is now in the clutches of a extremist group of Muslims, rightly named the Muslim Brotherhood. This land of historical importance, which many movies have heralded the architecture, ...
by Rachel Johnson