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religious extremism islam

When will Muslims Learn?

Religion poisons everything as Christopher Hitchens put it in his book ‘God is not Great’ and I am very much inclined to agree. However my interest is in the hypocrites of religion otherwise defined as ‘moderates’. True...
by Pakistani Feminist

Rape of captive women in Islam

The Rape of the Captive Women and Muslim Dishonesty

I am going to do this post about the war captives in Islam. The women that apologetic Muslims claim to have supposedly consented to have sex with their captors and were all fine and dandy about it and so on and so forth. This i...
by Pakistani Feminist

Allah worship

Allah is not a God Worth Worshipping

I was asked in an Islamic group why I don’t think Allah was worth worshiping (as usual got kicked out for my honest opinion) and thought I would elaborate on the reasons. Just to sum up, I use to be a devout practicing Salafi...
by Pakistani Feminist


Islamic women's rights

Does Islam Give Women Rights?

Since the dawn of the Abrahamic faith, the woman had been seen as the evil temptress, the vile seducer of men, the sobbing myth driving men to their follies and demise. Her menstruation made her unclean and impure, the juices f...
by Pakistani Feminist

Islamic censorship

Muslim Inability to Accept Criticism

I often debate in various groups about Islam from a social perspective. Usually in groups run by Muslims I always get kicked out when the slightest bit of criticism is said to be an ‘insult.’ Many of these Islamic groups I ...
by Pakistani Feminist