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Paranoia, meet theism. Theism, this is paranoia… your biological father.

Just so there’s no doubt: Anthropomorphic theism is about as natural as tennis rackets, ice cream cones and bikinis. It is neither automatic nor inevitable. No religion has emerged twice anywhere on the planet, no single deit...
by John Zande

I see no God

Now theists, listen carefully….

The Burden of Proof Like it or not, atheism is the default position. Theism is not automatic or inevitable. Theism is not natural. The gods all have to be learnt. They are new information superimposed over the default: a-theism...
by John Zande


A time to change Time

Dear secular friends, it’s time to change Time. Let’s be brutally honest: A.D 2013 is not only an entirely meaningless date to 6 out of 7 people on the planet, it is also a demonstrably erroneous one. The Common Era did not...
by John Zande



Let’s bake a God!

Let’s cook up a god, a capital “G” God. Seriously. Let’s bake one right here, right now, and let’s make our God one that’ll be disconcertingly hard not to believe in. It can’t be that challenging. Tens of thousan...
by John Zande

fear appeal


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is an actual word. It means, of all things, a fear of long words and was no doubt coined by a sadist with an eye for the whimsical but about as much sensitivity for the inflicted as a hammer...
by John Zande