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Interview: Dr. Eugenie Scott on Science, Religion and Creationism

Today on Rational Hub, we have Dr. Eugenie Scott, Executive Director at NCSE, who was kind enough to give us an interview despite her busy schedule. One of the most popular critics of Creationism and advocates teaching of evolu...
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Interview: Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy on Science, Religion and Politics

Eminent Pakistani physicist and activist, Professor Hoodbhoy wages a lone battle for secularism, rationalism and skepticism in Pakistan. We are proud to have him here on Rational Hub.
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Arif Ahmed

Interview: Arif Ahmed on Philosophy, Atheism and Religion

People might know him mostly for his famous debate against William Lane Craig. We are extremely pleased to have Arif Ahmed, the brilliant British philosopher, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy at Cambridge University...
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Nawaal El Saadawi

Interview: Nawal El Saadawi on Feminism, Religion and Freethought

Our brief interview with writer, activist, and arguably the most prominent figure in the history of Egyptian feminist movement - Dr. Nawaal El Saadawi, who is nothing short of an inspiration for feminists around the globe.
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Russell Blackford Interview

Interview: Russell Blackford on Atheism, Philosophy and Morality

We are pleased to have Russell Blackford, eminent Australian philosopher and critic here on Rational Hub.
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